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Event Management Strategy

Event Management Strategy

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October 2018
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“As a volunteer, I (Jovon) want to improve and automate our event registration process and eliminate RSVP by "Reply-all."”


  • Students, our primary audience, do not use our site.
  • The existing CMS was difficult for the Program Director & volunteers to update.
  • The Events section could work harder by automating some of the manual work done by the volunteers and the program director.
  • Official notice of our workshops was sent out 7-3 days prior to, and via email TO: all volunteers. Each volunteer would reply-all their attendance/regrets.
  • Responses that needed all volunteers attention were often overlooked due to inbox clutter.
  • Student registration was manually tracked in a Google Sheet, only.
  • Since Joomla’s applications are pre-coded there will be constraints to the user flow, architecture, and visual design.


  • Determine the needs of the parents, students, volunteers, and web site admins.
  • Research all Joomla Event Management applications. Find one that is feature rich and inexpensive.
  • Since these applications are pre-coded there will be constraints to the UX and architecture.
  • Incorporate MailChimp and RemindApp into the communication process.

My role.

    I created a spreadsheet to compare all features of the Joomla event management application may meet our needs. I narrowed the list down to two. Purchased them both installed and stress tested them with a few events from the current site, plus functionality we wanted to incorporate. Presented my recommendation to the team. I received buy-in.
    I downloaded the event application’s underlying PHP databases with and manually extracted all event details (2012-2018) from the current website. Then uploaded the complete data to the staging instance of the site. Once all event details were available on the staging I was able to get a full view of the pre-built customer journey and identify gaps and optimize it.
    Entry points were determined as part of the overall site architecture. I determined which stage in the flow event flow each entry point would drop the user.
    I re-architected the content from the out of box layout by manipulating the PHP, HTML, and CSS to match a fluid layout that would meet the user’s needs.
    To inform students, parents, and volunteers of upcoming events, I integrated MailChimp generated notifications directing the user to the event details page to register. In an effort to communicate better with students, I also incorporated RemindApp to communicate with students, parents, and volunteers via text without sharing personal phone numbers. Since the site is now responsive users can sign up on their mobile devices from a direct link in the text message.
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Student & volunteer registration management is completed online with a 70-100% response rate for each event since launch. This significantly reduced time spent creating and reviewing correspondence over the previous manual communication process.

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