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TruVintage66 Digital Marketing Campaign

TruVintage66 Digital Marketing Campaign

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May 2018
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TruVintage66 is a local business whose sales are generated from trunk shows and festivals, primarily in Seattle. We needed to create awareness in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia metro area (the DMV). Though the owner/artist has a large network in the DMV, she was looking to reach new, potential customers.



  1. To create a multi-day campaign instead of a singular post. This would allow us to maximize reach and ensure the message was repeatedly delivered.
  2. To leverage a low-cost marketing tool to reach TV66’s target audience (women, African-American women & men, age 30+) in the DMV.
  3. To showcase the products because TV66 does not have a website.
  4. To design a theme that that matches the products and TV66 owner/artists style and standards.


  1. I came up with the concept of a 10-day countdown leading up to the Festival for the multi-day campaign.
  2. I utilized Facebook's marketing tools to reach TruVintage's target audience in the DMV. I boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram.
  3. My countdown campaign created an opportunity to feature over 10 pieces across TV66's jewelry line.
  4. All TruVintage66 jewelry is one of a kind, so I created a design strategy to visually represent the products. I incorporated handwritten typography to align to the uniqueness of TV66 accessories. I paired that typeface with a thin, elegant font to draw on the elegance of the jewelry. TV66's brand colors include chocolate, and raspberry, and kraft paper tan. I used combinations of those colors for the countdown tags on each post.
  5. Post 7 ("4 days until") featured a "sold" stamp to create desire since people tend to want what they can't have/what others have.
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“As a Seattle area business owner, I need a campaign strategy and design promoting my vendor space at the Capital Jazz Festival.”

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Total 2-day sales exceeded goal by 20%.

67.1% of impressions resulted from hashtag selection.

41% of the people this campaign reached were not current customers.

4% new followers gained through this campaign.

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