UX Design

NFL Sunday Ticket TV Landing Page

Client: AT&T
Date: July 2018
Role: UX Consultant & Lead Information Architect
Tools: Illustrator
“As a product owner, I would like your UX recommendation for optimal presentation of the benefits and eligibility for our new streaming service. We have a tight timeline, minimal budget development budget. ”




  1. The current iteration of the page architecture is based on business goals, not the customer's need. 
  2. There is little development budget so the recommendation will likely not be implemented and launch.


I analyzed the customer journey and content strategy. This is what I discovered:

  1. Customer Journey. Not all football fans will be eligible for the streaming service. The original page flow takes the user to the landing page where they can learn and get excited about the benefits, only to realize they may not be eligible. This could lead to user disappointment, and negative feelings toward AT&T. Feelings leave a lasting impression on people.
  2. Content Strategy. The content hierarchy prioritizes the business goals and does not align with the users mental model for processing this type of content.  The information layout is not intuitive nor easily scanned. 


  1. I created a new customer flow, which moves the eligibility checkbefore the landing page. This way users will be segmented and only those eligible arrive at the landing page.
  2. I re-architected the page by ordering the content from a customer-first perspective and providing a mobile-first copy strategy. I created a wireframe of the page in mobile, then desktop and compared it against the original design by spelling out the differences.
    If the information is presented in a way that it resonates with the user, the business is better positioned for conversion and theoretically meeting the business goal.

See the full recommendation here  



The product owners were receptive of the feedback and agreed with the recommendation. However, their lead time for requesting a consult did not align with development deadlines. They plan to revisit these recommendations in a later phase.